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Benvenuti al Сaffè Italiano!
Authentic Italian roast and Innovative functional drinks

Italian coffee

The Home of Italian coffee
Authentic Mediterranean roast and Innovative functional drinks from the best Italian manufacturers

Morning coffee with a twist
Traditional Italian drinks fortified with spices, berries, adaptogens, and seaweed
Rocketfuel kit for Dolce Gusto
A mindblowing set of functional Italian drinks. We've gathered a pack of each blend to give you strength, stamina, power, immunity, calmness and longevity.
All in compostable biodegradable Dolce Gusto compatible capsules. No additives, no sugar, no gluten, no lactose, no bullsh..t!
  • Minicao Dark for the Flavonoids in Belgian chocolate
  • Green Tea with Aschwagandha for calmness
  • Pomegranate and Blueberry ice tea with real fruit juice
  • Mermaid Latte for its stunning pink colour and adaptogenic properties
  • Unicorn Latte for the electric blue mood and the coconut aftertaste
  • And many more
Grab it now!
But first espresso
The genuine dark roast that will make you reconsider your morning rituals
Barista Set
A barista must-have range for the most outstanding coffee combinations.
  • Gran Festa for a thick espresso, common in the South of Italy
  • Armonioso for the most balanced combination of acidity and bitterness
  • Vellutato for 100% Arabica Reference Blend
A set of three blends from Gimoka can be blended, brewed straight, used for cold brew, mocca, portafiler and automatic coffee makers. One thing remains unchanged: a wide range of flavors and the impeccable quality of the eminent Italian roaster.
Coffee capsules from Italy
The most luxurious range of Dolce Gusto, Lavazza and Nespresso compatible capsules
  • Dolce Gusto
    31 different coffees, milk-based and functional drinks for Dolce Gusto
  • Nespresso
    Plastic, Aluminium and Biodegradable capsules for Nespresso, including Decaf and Single Origins
  • Lavazza A Modo Mio
    Genuine Italian blends in compostable capsules for Lavazza A Modo Mio
What makes us stand out

Italian special

There are many ways of drinking coffee: filter, cezve, French press and many others. Domus Italiae is all about Italian espresso.

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Meet our family

Quite often, online stores come across as very impersonal. You can’t say the same about us though. Alex, Eve, George and Aaron – we are all big fans of Italy and the Italian lifestyle.

As you know, we used to roast coffee in Slovenia ourselves. Due to the proximity to Italy and being "inside the industry" we tried a large number of coffee capsules from Italian roasters. We met the best producers personally, selected and imported some of the greatest coffee products to Estonia.

Today our store Domus Italiae (latin "House of Italy") focuses on the jewells of Italian culture: food and beverage, and personal care.

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Priisle tee 18, Tallinn, 13914, Estonia
+372 5740 8236

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About us
Domus Italiae is a family-run and owned company that specialises in Italian food and beverages, personal care and Italian lifestyle.
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We have a money-back guarantee policy. You did not like the coffee? We give you a full refund.
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