Latte Macchiato

No less popular drink in the collection of compatible capsules for Dolce Gusto®. Latte macchiato (Italian latte macchiato ['latːe maˈkːjaˑto] - "stained milk") is a hot coffee drink prepared by pouring espresso coffee into milk in a ratio of 3:1. The Italian macchia refers to a small speck of coffee that remains on the surface of the milk foam.
Macchiato differs from cappuccino latte in that:
  • espresso is added to milk, and not vice versa;
  • less milk;
  • more foam in relation to just milk;
  • the fact that coffee and milk usually lie in layers without mixing;
  • serving: latte macchiato is served in an Irish glass, cappuccino in a cappuccino cup with thick walls.

Intensity: 6 of 13

Drinks: Cappuccino

Volume: 220 ml

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