Lungo (Italian lungo - “long”) is a coffee drink prepared using a coffee machine similar to espresso, but with much more water. Lungo also differs from espresso in the preparation time: dispensing a lungo can last up to a minute or more. The taste of lungo is less intense, more bitter than espresso. This is because the extra volume of hot water passing through the ground coffee extracts components that normally remain undissolved and do not end up in the coffee. In particular, lungo contains more caffeine than espresso. Do not confuse lungo with americano (when hot water is added to espresso) and with long black (when espresso is poured into a mug of hot water). When preparing lungo, like espresso, all the liquid is poured through the coffee mass, and not added later. Together with Gimoka Vellutato and Gimoka Americano, it forms a complete collection of Arabica coffees from a renowned Italian roaster.

Origin: Brazil (Arabica), Colombia (Arabica), Papua New Guinea (Arabica)

Roast: Medium

Intensity: 6 of 13

Drinks: Espresso

Volume: 120 ml

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